Radio GAIA is an online station that has been broadcasting relax, ambiental, chillout, lounge music, since 2014. So, you can listen to Radio GAIA from anywhere in the world, maybe from outer space as well, if you have good internet. We also provide podcasts on a variety of topics such as personal growth and cultural diversity, journeys, inspirational experiences and adventures. Our programs are in romanian and english.

Radio GAIA will SOON bring you four times more relaxing music, because we'll have 3 more radio stations for more then one taste!


      1. Radio GAIA Relax & Travel

This is the classical Radio GAIA, now, more relax than ever: a station that travels. We are offering a fusion of two outstanding features that our listeners can enjoy: the broadcasts bring together sounds of nature and spiritual music from all over the world. Sometimes  we travel physically and broadcast our adventures.  Besides, let's not forget the funny idea that the earth is already traveling in space. For example, people in Romania are traveling with a speed of 1.180 km/h, around the axis of the earth. The earth itself is traveling around the sun with a speed of 107.226 km/h, the sun and the solar system travel as well, at an average speed of 720,000 km/h around the galactic center. So, we have every reason to feel dizzy, and we have every right to relax.

      2. Radio GAIA Lounge - dedicated only to chill, jazz, lounge and tranquil retro music. If we feel the need for a definition of lounge, we can try wikipedia, because we might find some truth therein: "music with a tranquil theme, such as a jungle, an island paradise, or outer space". Or we can simply say that you can sleep on a beach, study for an exam, savor a cup of mystical wine, or even have a successful business meeting along with this kind of music.


      3. Radio GAIA Good Vibe - It is the music that helps you change the frequency of your being . Our brain emits and receives information on four main wavelengths: alpha, beta, theta, delta. Relaxation and joy are possible in the alpha frequency, and stress or sadness are possible in the beta frequency. Music helps you shift these frequencies, as you can mechanically change the frequency of a radio. Radio GAIA Good Vibe helps you transform your anger into joy and stress into relaxation just by listening to some music for a few minutes. Also healing is possible in Theta, as empathy is possible in Delta. When you don’t like how you feel, just change the station, and tune in on radio GAIA.


      4. Radio GAIA Good Feeling - this last station is dedicated to music from the 60s/ 90s. We can not stay longer in the relaxation area without talking about dance. Because this is an important kind of connection with ourselves and others, we are bringing you a radio station exclusively for party and joy, and of course for remembering some concealed aspects of our being in order to revive those long forgotten parts of ourselves. Let' s dance then!



What we did last summer

During the past few years we have been working with over 30 speakers, over 100 specialists invited to podcasts, workshops, or events - dedicated to personal growth and conscious traveling – by now in 3 countrys: Romania, Greece and Jordan.

We have followers from all over the world, most of them Romanians.



Where can you find us?

On or Radiogaiaromania on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube.

You can write to us at

You can listen NOW pressing the PLAY  button at the end of this page.



Why it's all about relaxing?

Because music is a form of therapy, it helps the human brain access the frequencies it needs for physical, emotional, mental clearing and healing. Because the musical genres we are broadcasting help you stop thinking for a moment, forget about worries, turn your negative feelings into positive experiences.

Music is actually an opportunity for relaxation, healing, and self-knowledge:

“Music is a breath of the soul. The soul is manifested on earth through music. When higher consciousness awakens in somebody, when he develops some more subtle perceptual possibilities, he will begin to hear, this great symphony that echoes across space, from one end to the other, and then he will decipher the profound meaning of life.” Omraam M. Aivanhov




GAIA was, in both Romanian and Greek mythologies, the primordial goddess, a personification of the planet Earth - or Terra in the Roman  version of the story.

In Greek legends, she was regarded as the central figure from which other gods were created. It is a story filled with hidden meanings, perhaps,  according to certain beliefs, personifications of historical eras or geographical regions.

On the other hand, Romanian mythology was mostly preserved in ballads, fairytales, traditional songs and expressions, even customs, without apparent interconections. This mysterious myths may even be hidden in our ordinary speech, from times immemorial to this day. Some of them depict a mother goddess who brings her children into the world, who gives them a body, and offers them an opportunity to experience this world. This primordial being is olso the one who can bring her immortal children into the next world, or afterlife. More about GAIA mythology HERE.

Beyond these legends, GAIA is our home, everyone's home, and this experience that is called life is about connection, awareness and responsibility, but also about joy and adventure. This is what we are honoring in the radio Gaia project.



Philosophy of Adventure & Joy

Knowledge is essential. Everything in life can be considered knowledge, except that which we unconsciously ignore. Radio GAIA was born from this awareness: there is still information, experience, books, people, music, states of being etc, that we might have difficulties accessing, even though, paradoxically, we are living in a time of informational redundance. So it means that the connection is knowledge too, like togetherness, love, joy or wholeness. Let's not forget journeys and music! That is also connection. That is also knowledge.


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